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What does School District 2.0 Look Like? July 19, 2006

In an effort to expand the use of Web 2.0 technology within our school district so that, as a district, we become School District 2.0, I feel like I need to think about what this would look like. What would students be doing? Teachers? Administrators? Below are my first thoughts. Let me know what other things you come up with.

Students will:

  • critically consume information on the Internet
  • create information on the Internet
  • regularly publish well-thought written products for a global audience
  • comment on other published online writings
  • collaborate on projects on the Internet
  • practice safe and ethical online behaviors

Teachers will:

  • create online projects which require students to collaborate online with one another on authentic problems which require critical thinking skills
  • read and comment on student’s online published works
  • use an aggregator to subscribe to RSS feeds in their content area
  • collaborate online with curriculum area specialists
  • collaborate online with their peers and professional learning community members

Administrators will:

  • use an aggregator to subscribe to RSS feeds in their content area
  • use web 2.0 tools to collaborate with each other across the district and with peers across the state/country
  • create and regularly contribute to a blog, reflecting on their area of focus

One Response to “What does School District 2.0 Look Like?”

  1. Please let me know how this goes for you… I am working with a small group of teachers that will be doing all of the things you mention in your list of teachers duties. I am going to work with our administrators to do the same thing.

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