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Podcasting School Board Meetings July 26, 2006

Filed under: education,school board,technology,tracyweeks,Web 2.0 — tweeks @ 3:18 pm

This week, our district has officially begun podcasting the school board meetings. Because the meetings are so long, the sections had to be broken out into separate podcasts, but bit by bit, the entire meeting is there. This is a big step in the direction of becoming School District 2.0! So, how did we make this happen? There were really two catalysts towards this change:

  1. One of our school board members asked if it was possible. It is always good when one of the key players is the one asking for the change 🙂
  2. Our district held a Web 2.0 workshop with David Warlick to begin to learn how to go about the business of podcasting.

This meant that we had both the desire and the knowledge to make it happen, we purchased the equipment and with very little work – we did it!


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