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NCSLMA – Impact for Administrators October 5, 2006

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I am in Winston-Salem, NC today and tomorrow for the NC School Library Media Association Annual Conference. Today is full of pre-conference sessions and tomorrow the concurrent sessions begin. This morning I am in a session called “Impact for Administrators.” NC developed the IMPACT ( guidleines for school media and technology in 2000 as a model for collaboration between the media and technology programs in a school and for flexible scheduling of media and technology resources.

Clearmont Elementary Principal – discussed his school’s adoption of IMPACT
Went directly from fixed schedule to flex Cold Turkey
 Test scores went from 6 yr avg of 79.9 to 4 yr avg of  95.7   WOW!!!   WHY?
 Old school building (built in 1937) – LCD ceiling mounted in each classroom

Future Ready Students for 21st Century
 This will become our number one goal in NC
 SIP should align with this
 Need to begin to have conversations this year to get ready for this
 Comparing “old” ABC model with “new 21st century model
IMPACT: Media and tech coordinators collaborate with teachers to create Project Based Learning environment that is resource rich
 Integrate technology
 Tech literacy for students
 impact on academic achievement

10 schools: 70% Free/Reduced Lunch
EOG scores improved greater than comparison schools
Higher schievement in 20 technology skills measured
Significantly more positive about working with computers
Technology Facilitator models technology use more often
Staff development based on needs assessments (differentiate the instruction of the teachers)
Media Center Use
 Impact Schools had:
 larger collections
 higher circulation
 47% more classes visiting in 1 week period
 40% more students visiting in 1 week period

The more transformational a leader is, the more teachers improve their skills
 MC+TF becomes change agents with support of the principal

Top 10 Benefits of IMPACT model
10. Staff Development
9. Fosters Collaboration
8. Differentiated Instruction
7. Reduction in TEacher/Pupil Ratio
6. Access, Access, Access
5. Better Consumers of Resources
4. Improved Performance
3. TEachers emerging as leaders
2. Technology not taught in isolation
1. Positive and engaging learning experiences!
Workshop in a Box
IMPACT Website –
Flexible Access
 Gave grade levels 2 arts, musics, or PEs – so the teachers did not “lose” planning time
 Grade level common planning every day of the week – use TA to cover class time when not in art, music, PE
Change Adopters
 Early Majority
 Late Majority

Stages of Concern – Handout


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