Reflections on Instructional Technology and Media

Google Reader October 19, 2006

I am at a workshop for LearnNC on blogging and RSS. While most of what we are learning I already know, I find that I have yet to attend a session like this one where I do not learn something new. Today I learned about a new RSS aggregator, Google Reader. While I have been a die hard NetVibes fan, Google Reader has some really cool features that I think make it an exciting tool for teachers.

  • You can STAR blog articles that are particularly meaningful and then choose to view only the articles you have starred. Wow – how many times have I read an article and want to go back to it a week or month later and have trouble finding it because the blog has been updated so many times since I read it last!
  • You can choose to SHARE articles. A link is created that can be emailed or posted on a teacher’s web page to blog articles that are relevant to a class. I LOVE THIS FEATURE!!! Google Reader will also generate script for you to actually post clips of these articles.

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