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web 2.0 competition February 13, 2007

I saw this posting on Rae Niles’ site and it puts the use of technology in schools into such great perspective. Ties in nicely with the video from my previous post as well. 

What lines can you add to this list? Here are my thoughts:

I can graph data, apply it and change it as soon as the data changes – you can spend your time doing the arithmatic.


3 Responses to “web 2.0 competition”

  1. Thanks for sharing. This puts things in to perspective as one considers the “Digital Divide” in the process. It defines or illustrates the digital divide to a certain extent.

  2. […] Wed 14 Feb 2007 Laptop vs. Paper Pencil Competition Posted by nhokanson under Technology , Education , Instructional Technology , Educational Technology , Technology Integration  I found the following information very thought provoking. I first discovered it at the interesting blog PargoNet. […]

  3. Great contrasts … I will find this peice helpful is seeking to show “reluctant digitial explorers”, what it is that the “digital natives world/view empowers them by” … while the old is not bad, it’s not good enough for the present rate of “learning exchange” … the old is simply that, old …

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