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Too Old? April 4, 2007

My birthday was last week. I am now 34 – mid thirties – still young by many standards (including my own) – and at the same time, there is now yet even more distance between my age and those of the students in our schools. I was asked today by one of my co-workers if he was just too old to keep up with all of the emerging technologies in use by kids today. Consider my depression when I found out we are the same age – actually he is getting ready to TURN 34!

Believe it or not, this is a common question I get from people in my age-group. Am I too old to keep up with the emerging technology? Of course, my answer is a definite NO – but I understand their struggle, because it is one I face myself.

My peers do not rely on MySpace, Facebook, or other social networks to keep up with one another. We use email, which I consistently read is considered by today’s students the way they communicate with old people. Hang on, it gets worse. We even still call each other on the PHONE! Therefore, I was motivated to join the virtual social network known as MySpace not by friends, but because I felt I needed to be a part of it in order to understand why my students use it. And guess what – it turns out a lot of my friends were ALREADY on MySpace!!! So now, with those friends I do find myself keeping in touch with them primarily through that medium rather than through email – and I have found friends in MySpace that I have not seen since high school. It is actually a lot of fun.

Now the question is, how to harness the attraction of these social networks and use them for the educational greater good. And I am convinced we can. But I know that we cannot even begin to understand how to do it, if we are not a part of it!!!!  So, if you are feeling like learning something new, create a MySpace page and friend me. Yes – friend is now a verb.


3 Responses to “Too Old?”

  1. mozey Says:



  2. jpoletti Says:

    34, old? PargoNet…that makes me pre-historic.

    I had a day yesterday where I did not even log on until 5:00 pm. First time I can remember that in a while. It was five consecutive F2F group meetings. It took me a little while to regain traction in that model.

    Good to read you again.

  3. Kids use MySpace to hook-up. Adults use MySpace to hook-up. Bands use it to promote their music and fans use it to keep up with the bands. It is not an old young thing. It’s more about personal style.

    If you are a swinger, or into alternative music, or your just love having a horribly designed website with ads that make your visitors eyes bleed, then MySpace is for you!

    I stick to the music channel myself. The rest is a waste of time.

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