Reflections on Instructional Technology and Media

Changing THE way April 18, 2007

I was not surprised to see this news. Participation on Web 2.0 sites remains weak – Tech News & Reviews –

I have had similar challenges this year trying to move many of my co-workers to this type of forum so that we could better collaborate on docs/spreadsheets/etc. I have set up multiple wikis, blogs, and Google docs/sheets for us to use. When I propose their use to a group, everyone gets excited and supports the idea. Then the meeting ends, they leave the room and never log back onto the site to contribute to the work until I bring it up again at the next meeting. I even send links via email and if I am lucky they log in the first time, but not regularly enough to make it productive.

So what is the problem? My sense is that it has not become THE way we do things ….yet. Even for my techie peers. I do think we will get there – we just need more time. In my opnion, this is no different that web 1.0 – especially for teachers. For nearly a decade most teachers were consumers of web pages, not creators. We are really starting to make it over that hurdle. It is kind of silly to think that just because we have these new tools at our fingertips that everyone will just jump right in and contribute/create. Give it a few years. The college students who are contributing to these sites will enter the workforce and take over THE way to do work/teach/learn.

Not to mention we have to get over ourselves and revision copyright/authority/etc.


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