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It’s a small world… August 7, 2007

So I was reading LeaderTalk today and saw a post with a great video called Wikis in Plain English. I start watching it and think – wow, this will be great for my teachers! Then at the very end, the narrator announces he is Lee Lefever with Commoncraft Productions. Turns out, I went to high school with Lee. He is now in Seattle. Too funny.  See the video below.


2 Responses to “It’s a small world…”

  1. Thanks a bunch for the link Tracy. What a crazy connection eh? Good to see you’re geeking out like us! Cheers!

  2. elementaryteacher Says:

    I REALLY loved this clear video! Now I just have to think of who might like to do some kind of group project with me so we can use this neat idea!

    Have you ever heard of anyone using wiki boxes with younger elementary students (like in Grade 3)? OH, I JUST HAD THE PERFECT IDEA–maybe suggest to students that’s how we’ll plan class parties, about who will bring what, and activities, etc.! Or for the teachers planning our school fund-raiser!

    And Tracy, that neat map that tracks visitors is working wonderfully on my site–thanks for helping me with the directions.

    Dedicated Elementary Teacher Overseas

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