Reflections on Instructional Technology and Media

A Graduation Project for the 21st Century October 25, 2007

Yesterday I had the privilege of co-facilitating a meeting to kick off the planning process for developing a Graduation Project for our school district. NC is now requiring that seniors must submit a graduation project in order to graduate from high school. This will begin with this year’s sophomore class. While the state has given some guidelines for what this will encompass, there is definitely room for each school district to customize it to make it work for their students. Our district is committed to making the project an opportunity for students to demonstrate their proficiency in 21st century skills.

I was asked to come to this meeting to facilitate a discussion on what 21st Century Skills are and how they can be incorporated into the Graduation Project. I decided to take it a step further. I developed a wiki to house all of the resources for the committee and set up and shared a Google Doc for each of the sub-committees. My thought process here is that the teachers and administrators on this committee need to begin to understand the tools that are available to students (and teachers) in order for them to help the students think creatively about developing their product. It went great although there was a funny piece – I had created a blank Google doc for each group to use for collaboration during the meeting, shared it, and in the email told them not to worry about the doc until the meeting. Being the go-getters that they are, many of them tried to open the document and when there were no words on it, emailed or called me to say there was a problem with it. Beginning of their learning process.


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