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I’m All A-Twitter November 16, 2007

In my previous post, I mentioned that sitting in on Warlick’s session on social networking reminded me that I had already set up a Twitter account, but had not really done anything with it. So I got back in today and added a few Tweets. I even loaded Twitbin so that I can Tweet and read Tweets more easily. But I then realized that I am suffering from what many newbies to this app must feel….LONELY.

I truly feel like I am in an echo chamber. I have clicked on a few people to follow, I can see their tweets, but no one is following me yet – so I am speaking to myself. This is why some people get turned off so quickly – without anyone listening to you, it seems pointless. I, however, am not going to give up so easily. I am appealing to all 5 of you who read this blog – if you are also a Twit, follow my Tweets so that it is not so lonely šŸ™‚

Actually – that sounds more like a pitch rather than an attempt to express my desire to get to know this app better so that I can really think of great ways to use this in the classroom.


4 Responses to “I’m All A-Twitter”

  1. informania Says:

    Okay! I’m now following your tweets. I am fairly new to twitter myself but find myself drawn to it every morning and evening – it’s addictive!

    I’m just below you in upstate South Carolina.


  2. Nathan Says:

    I just joined Twitter and am now a follower… I just need to learn how to use this tool. I’m interested in what you have done and how you approached your career.

  3. Ross Says:

    Well, I found your blog through your Twitter page, so apparently something’s gone right since November. I was also in Warlick’s session, and was not impressed with Twitter at the time… I had been on for a couple weeks and had yet to find value. But once I stopped expecting value, I started finding it. (My hopes of finding significant educational Twittering disappeared quickly; my hopes of finding good literary tweets finally died a few weeks ago.)

    I don’t think Twitter offers the same value that a good set of feeds does… but if you can handle the chaos you’ve structured with your follows, it’s pretty great.

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