Reflections on Instructional Technology and Media

NCSLMA 2007 November 16, 2007

For the last 2 days, I attended the NC School Library Media Association Conference in Winston-Salem, NC. Although I am the Director of Instructional Technology and Media for my school district, I come to the position from the field of Instructional Technology and have to do and continue to do a lot of learning about School Library Media, so this conference is always high on my priority list each year.

On Wednesday, I went to a workshop led by Peter Genco called “Assessment Leads to Focus.” I had hoped this session would help me better learn how to evaluate a school library media program, or that it would focus on assessing student learning of information skills. It really did neither. It was a very interesting workshop and I cam away with a lot of rich discussion and ideas – just not on the topic I had hoped.

Peter was also the Thursday keynote speaker and did a lovely speech about the School Library at the center for Diversity. One of the topics I am passionate about, so it was good to hear. Even more impressed that NCSLMA held diversity and cultural connections as its key theme this year.

Attended a couple of sessions lead by David Warlick. One on web 2.0 and another on social networking.  I always learn something new in these sessions or am reminded of something I have forgotten. In the social networking session, we talked about Twitter.  I’ve been a twit for a while, but not an active one. So I am trying to get back in and send out some tweets. But I thought about how this could be used with School Libraries – what if a tweet went out each time new books arrived or a new media center contest or activity occurred? This seems like a great fit for school libraries and hope to encourage mine to embrace this kind of technology.

I also attended a session on Assessment of Student Learning for High School Students – yay – finally what I was hoping to hear. Big idea here – the TRAILS online assessment for 9th graders and they are piloting 6th grade now, too.

Finally, I went to a session from NCDPI on building 21st media center facilities. Some neat pictures there – wish I could access them to share them with you.


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