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The Parody Mashup February 13, 2008

The rise of YouTube has given a new stage to politicians and the corporate sector. They can run their ads for free and rely on the viral video craze to disseminate their message. There have been some very creative and thought provoking videos produced for this purpose, but from this has arisen a secondary phenomenon – the parody of those videos. See below for a couple examples of the original video and the parody. video for Barack Obama’s campaign:

Parody by using John McCain’s campaign

Dove’s Evolution of Beauty

Parody – The Evolution of the Slob

I see tremendous potential for the eduverse. What if students used the content from their classes and mashed it with the style of a popular viral video and re-posted their work? Talk about engaging. If you have already seen some exampls of this being done in education, leave me a comment.


One Response to “The Parody Mashup”

  1. Chris Hoskin Says:

    Brilliant stuff.

    The Dove Parody is very well done, great attention to detail.

    Chris from

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