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Live Lurking July 1, 2008

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So we all know about online lurkers. You know, those people in a chat room, on twitter, on in the blogosphere who are happy to be reading and watching, but do not make themselves visible to those having the conversation. Sometimes it is really beneficial to be a lurker. I confess to have behaved this way when I am new to a scene and am trying to learn the ropes so that I don’t make any online faux pas. Eventually I come out of the wood work and make my presence known and hopefully sometimes I make a positive contribution to the conversation.

I have been to NECC many times and have seen some of the same presenters work their magic over and over again, always coming away learning something new. But over the past year I have gone from being an online lurker to an online writer and conversant. Many of these ed tech writers/presenters I have admired over the years are now colleagues and friends of mine online, but we have never met face to face. And now I am spotting them from across the room at NECC and have realized that it is possible to be a live lurker. I can listen to these people from the audience and because every session has been packed so far, if I don’t make an effort to go up to them and introduce myself, I can slip out of the room with them never knowing I was there.

And this thought creeps me out. So, today I have been making an effort to at least go up to these leaders and say hello and let them know that I have enjoyed reading them over the years. I hope that others would do the same for me. I know I would be thrilled to find out someone reads this blog.

I saw the greatest Tshirt on the RiverWalk last night. The front read, “More people are reading this shirt than my blog.” It then had a counter at the bottom that read 00002. The back of the shirt said 😦

I want that shirt.